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Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment For Children

In children, Phase 1 Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment can help reduce the need for future tooth extractions that might be required to treat orthodontic issues. Here, our Burnaby orthodontists explain how Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment could help make improvements to your child's smile.

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment For Kids

Our Burnaby orthodontists use interceptive orthodontics (Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment) to help treat misalignment and bite problems in young children before dental problems fully develop and become more serious issues.

Starting Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment, when a child is between 7 and 11 years of age means they still have a combination of baby teeth and adult teeth in their mouth. This lets your child's orthodontist take advantage of your child's continuing dental development while correcting misalignment and bite problems. For lots of children, Phase 1 Interceptive Orthodontics can help minimize or even prevent the need for extractions when correcting orthodontic issues.

How Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Children

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment could help treat misalignments and bite problems when a child's jaws are still developing, allowing treatment to address arch issues and help make room for existing teeth as well as incoming adult teeth.

Taking an early approach to orthodontics could help keep pre-existing problems from becoming more serious, correct existing tooth misalignment issues, and in many cases make Phase 2 treatment shorter and easier.

What Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment Consists Of

Each child has a unique smile. As a result, there are different treatments available that can help correct young smiles. Your child's Phase 1 Treatment could include Invisalign® First aligners, space maintainers, limited phase of braces (select teeth), specialized retainers, or expansion appliances.

Help Correct Orthodontic Conditions In Kids With Invisalign First

Often, Invisalign First can help resolve orthodontic issues in children, including narrow dental arches, gaps, crowding, and misaligned teeth.

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign First involves a set of clear plastic aligners which are removable. Removable aligners mean that there are no dietary restrictions while your child is undergoing treatment, there are no brackets or wires to cause irritation, and kids can simply remove their aligners when it's time to brush their teeth or eat.

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