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Portable Snack Options for People with Braces

If you are having orthodontic treatment done, you probably have a list of foods you can't eat. These dietary restrictions can make it a bit tricky to find foods you are able to bring with you for your work or school lunch. In this blog, our Burnaby orthodontists share a list of portable foods you can conveniently eat on the go.

Soft Veggies

There are lots of soft vegetables available that can make a nutritious yet delicious snack including peppers, tomatoes, and most cooked vegetables. Usually, they are easy to prepare and store in containers or baggies to bring with you to school or work.  Another advantage of vegetables is that they are full of minerals and vitamins that can help keep your teeth and body healthy and strong. 

Soft Fruits

Soft fruits such as kiwi, watermelon, and grapes are both refreshing and sweet. They have lots of fiber in them which can help keep you full in between meals. All you have to do to prepare them is cut them up at the start of the week and store your desired portions in the fridge with plastic bags or Tupperware containers.


Pudding, yogurt, and soft cheeses are full of calcium, taste great, and are easy on your braces! Most of the time these are easy-to-carry snack options, but you have to remember to keep them cool.

Soft Meats

Meatballs, deli meats, and soft-cooked meats such as chicken are high in protein and are often easy to chew with braces. Put them on your sandwiches or cook them in a large batch of sauce to eat with pasta, potatoes, and veggies during the week.

Thin Crackers or Vegetable Chips

You should be able to find lots of options for healthy crackers and veggie chips at your local grocery store. Remember to choose snacks that are low in sodium (if you can) and nothing that is too hard or crunchy. Enjoy these foods with your soft cheeses and fruit for a simple and delicious lunch!

To get more information and advice on the foods you can and can't eat while having orthodontic treatments done contact our Burnaby orthodontists today!

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