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What You Need to Know About Orthodontic Elastics

Are you wondering what the small rubbers bands attached to your braces are? They are called Orthodontic elastics and they come in many different colours. Today our Burnaby orthodontists explain what orthodontic elastics are and how they can help your orthodontic treatment be successful.

In orthodontic treatments, your orthodontist can use one of two types of rubber bands. One is called ligatures. Ligatures wrap around each bracket individually to help the archwire stay in place. They stay in their spot during your entire treatment and your orthodontist only removes them at your adjustment appointments.

Every treatment with braces requires ligatures, although, there's also another type of elastic that a handful of patients need to have additional support. These are known as interarch bands. Interarch bands help align your jaw and correct your bite.

If you require interarch bands for your treatment, we only recommend removing them to eat, floss or brush your teeth, and only if necessary. Whatever your personal dentist or orthodontist prescribes, you need to carefully follow their instructions, or you might put your treatment off track.

Generally, interarch elastics have to be changed every day.

There are a wide variety of colours you can choose from for your orthodontic elastics. You can opt to change their colours every time you see your orthodontist for an adjustment appointment. The sky's the limit when combining the colours you choose from, which could make braces treatment a little more fun for patients.

Sometimes people decide to have a fun rainbow smile that really stands out, while other patients rather a more discrete look and select clear or silver coloured elastics that blend in.

For more information about orthodontic elastics or to ask any questions, you have about your treatment contact our orthodontists in Burnaby today.


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