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How To Take A Good Picture With Braces

We understand that wearing braces can make you feel a bit self-conscious when it's time to smile for a photo. Which, is why the orthodontists at Burnaby Heights Orthodontics in Burnaby are giving you these tips and tricks on taking a good photo while wearing braces.

It's normal to feel a little insecure about your looks when you are wearing braces and it's important to remember this in the future. In the sections below our orthodontic team has listed some advice on how you can take a good picture with your braces.

Choose braces that are less noticeable.

Over years there have been several advancements made to orthodontic treatments and there are many treatment options available that are low-profile for modern-day patients.

Self-ligating braces can be a good example of this and they don’t require elastics or bands.

There are also ceramic braces that are made from tooth-coloured ceramic which can make them blend in with your teeth.

Invisalign might be another good option. Invisalign aligners are made from clear, BPA-free plastic, which makes them appear nearly invisible when being worn.

Any of the treatment options above we listed above can help make your braces look less obvious in pictures so that your face and your smile can be the focus.

Add some colour!

Instead of downplaying the appearance of your braces, think of them as an accessory and highlight them with colour!

Traditional metal braces have elastic bands attached to the brackets that have to be changed on a routine basis.

These elastics can come in almost every colour, letting you change your look or coordinate your braces with an outfit you’re planning for a special event, you can even pick colours to compliment your eye colour or skin tone.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you know you’ll be having your picture taken soon, take a bit of time to practice smiling with your new braces. Stand in front of the mirror and smile at yourself, from different angles.

You can also try taking selfies, or have a friend or family member take some pictures of you.

Doing things like this could help you become more accustomed to the way you look with braces.

Just getting used to your new look may help you overcome your lack of confidence regarding your new smile, and nothing makes for a better picture than a big and confident smile!

Your braces are going to play a big role in your appearance for the next while. It might be in your best interest to work on feeling as confident and comfortable with your smile as possible, both now, and in the future when you’re looking back at the pictures of yourself during your time with braces. We hope our advice helps!

For more tips and tricks about living with braces contact our orthodontists in Burnaby today! 

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