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What to Expect When You Are Having Your Braces Adjusted

You need to have your braces adjusted during your orthodontic treatment and in this blog, our orthodontists in Burnaby have listed the steps of the adjustment process.

Braces gradually move your teeth into their new positions. For this to happen your orthodontist has to adjust your braces very slightly in fairly regular intervals.

You can expect the following steps when you have your braces adjusted at Burnaby Heights Orthodontics:

  1. The orthodontic assistant will start by removing the elastics that hold your brackets to the archwire.
  2. Then the archwire will be removed.
  3. Once the archwire has been taken out the orthodontist will examine your teeth to determine the progress of your treatment.
  4. Then we are able to replace any broken parts of your braces ( if there are any).
  5. Next, we place the archwire and new elastics. (If this is your first time this step could cause a bit of discomfort, however, it will be less painful next time).
  6. If the archwire is poking you in the mouth tell your orthodontist immediately. The orthodontist or the assistant will be able to shorten it with clippers to prevent further irritation.
  7. That's all! The only thing you have to do now is to schedule your next adjustment appointment.

It's normal to feel a bit sore after having your braces adjusted. The discomfort you feel should fade away in a few days. To help ease your discomfort you can gently hold an icepack to your face periodically or take an over-the-counter painkiller. And keep eating soft foods until you're feeling a little less sore.

If you have more questions about braces or having your braces adjusted contact our Burnaby orthodontists today.

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